Die 10 Gebote für Passagiere

1. Folge Anweisungen des Piloten

It is important that as a passenger you understand that the pilot is the only decision maker on the aircraft. Passengers must abstain from making any comments of those decisions since the pilot is the warrant of your safety.

2. Passe dich und deine Erwartungen den Wetterbedingungen an

Pilots have received a training that gives them a great understanding of weather conditions and their consequences. The great majority of pilots have a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) training and can therefore fly when minimum 50% of the sky on their itinerary is uncovered. Other more rare pilots have an IFR formation and can fly under all weather conditions. Both VFR and IFR pilot's decision of flying or not is irrevocable. A passenger should never try to persuade a pilot to fly if he has decided otherwise, at the risk of putting himself and the pilot to danger.

3. Fasse nichts an, was nicht ausdrücklich vom Piloten erlaubt wurde, auch keine Instrumente

The seat next to the pilot also has piloting instruments and a piloting stick. It is mandatory that the passenger never touches those instruments because it could lead to serious accidents. Moreover passengers should never touch the door lock if the pilot has not instructed them to do so.

4. Gebe bei der Buchung genaue Gewichtsangaben an

The aircrafts in which you'll be flying are very sensitive to weight variations. The plane’s gravity center is fixed by the pilot himself in consideration of the weight passengers have declared for themselves and their luggage. Therefore it is mandatory that passengers respect the maximum weight authorized by the pilot and not move your luggage during the flight. It's for all those reasons that passengers shall indicate the weigh precisely and inform the pilot if it were to change.

5. Nimm niemals verbotene oder gefährliche Gegenstände mit

Passengers should never take illegal or risky goods on board with them. If the passenger has doubts about the dangerous nature of the goods he will be carrying he shall warn the pilot and check with him if the transportation is possible. If the pilot sees that you are carrying dangerous goods and he has not been warn he shall refuse to take you on board with him.

6. Sei freundlich und respektvoll gegenüber dem Piloten

Plane sharing requires a collaborative and sharing spirit. To ensure the continuity of such a practice it is mandatory that it remains a win-win situation and therefore for users be kind and polite to one another.

7. Treffe immer pünktlich ein

The pilot plans it's trip precision. While doing so he takes into account the time of departure and arrival. Thus it is important that he is able to take off at the time he had planned.

8. Bezahle nicht mehr als deinen Pro-Kopf-Kostenanteil

Plane sharing is based on sharing the costs linked to flying. If the passenger pays more than the pro-rata then he engages in a situation that can be qualified as commercial flying and goes against the law. Hence the passenger should never pay another amount than the one he has paid via the Wingly website.

9. Rauchen oder Zigaretten an Bord anzünden ist nicht erlaubt

You should take into consideration that all flights on Wingly are non smoking flights.

10. Bewundere die Landschaft und genieße deinen Wingly-Moment!

Die 10 Gebote für Piloten

1. Der Pilot ist der Entscheidungsträger und Verantwortliche an Bord

Der Pilot ist die einzige Person an Bord welche für die Sicherheit und das Entscheidungstreffen zuständig ist. Die Präsenz von anderen Personen im Flugzeug soll den Piloten niemals unter Druck setzen, denn er ist der Zuständige für die Sicherheit.

2. Wetterumstände und Flugbedingungen - informiere die Passagiere

Schlechte Wetterbedingungen sind tragisch und der Hauptgrund für Unfälle in leichter Luftfahrt. Deswegen ist es wichtig, dass der Pilot seine Passagiere bei schlechtem Wetter benachrichtigt und den Flug, je nach Bedingungen, entsprechend absagt.

3. Den Pro-Kopf-Kostenanteil nie überschreiten

Der Anteil pro Kopf ist eine Verletzung unseres Ethik Kodex und zudem bringt es Piloten und Passagiere und eine turbolente Lage. Alle Flüge, die nicht eindeutig den Pro-Kopf-Anteil teilen können als kommerziell qualifiziert werden und bedeuten dahingehend, dass das Flugzeug, der Pilot und die Passagiere nicht von einer Versicherung geschützt sind.

4. Heisse deine Gäste mit einem Lächeln willkommen

Light aviation can legitimately be a source of anxiety and fear. The majority of passengers you will share your flying experience with will be new to such a leisure. Thus we kindly ask pilots to brief passengers before taking off in order to reassure them and ensure a trusting atmosphere.

5. Bringe deine Lizenzen zum Flug mit

Wingly always makes sure that the pilot's licences are up to date before each flight. However it is mandatory that the pilot has all the papers on him the day of the flight.

6. Ausschließlich das auf Wingly angegebene Flugzeug sollte geflogen werden

When a pilot puts a flight up on Wingly he has to indicate on which model of aircraft he will be flying. He shall keep to his choice. If this information has to change it is mandatory that he informs the passengers of such changes.

7. Fliege mit einem Flugzeug bei dem Passagiere mitversichert sind

Aeroclubs are responsible for insuring their aircrafts, therefore pilots should check whether the plane they have planned to take is also insured for passengers and they shall be able to give proof it to Wingly.

8. Fliege in einer ruhigen und verantwortungsvollen Art

For the great majority of passengers it will be their first time on board this type of aircraft. Therefore it is important to give them trust and serenity for them to be at ease. Hence it is important that the pilot adopt a smooth and non acrobatic flying.

9. Bis zu 30 Minuten Verspätung sollten toleriert werden

Passengers are not used to going to places such as aerodromes which are often outside of cities. Therefore Wingly aks pilote to be tolerant to a certain extent and wait 30 minutes if the passenger is late. You should note that Wingly asks passengers to be in advance so such a case should rarely happen.

10. Teile deine Leidenschaft und habe eine tolle Zeit mit Wingly!

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